Our Story

Amy Dginguerian was told by doctors that she would never be a Mom due to prior medical challenges. Her and her husband David would not be deterred and defied the odds by bringing their miracle twins, Madison and Levi into the world in 2009. The twins were born prematurely and had a plethora of issues to overcome. Today, they are healthy and happy kids that put a smile on their parents faces daily. While the twins were in the NICU, Amy realized that they were sensitive to anything that was put on their skin, including clothing. As she searched for a chemical free and ultra soft pajamas, she realized that there were few to choose from. Her dream was born then that one day she would create a pajama line that parents could feel good about buying.

She decided to take it one step further as she saw her kids growing up and how much they both loved a soft and cuddly stuffed animal friend. Amy realized that she could make both parents and children happy by offering an ultra soft stuffed animal and matching pajamas that are designed for pure comfort featuring top of the line fabric, a flat lock stitch and super cute designs but minus the toxic chemicals.

Amy Dginguerian
CEO & Founder

Our Mission

Each pajama is crafted with care and love for the child that will ultimately fall in love (and hopefully asleep) in them! We truly hope that you enjoy our product.